Presidents of the United States Collection
Animation, Motion Graphics, Art Direction
Case Study: Financial Literacy in Your Pocket
Art Direction, Creative Direction, UI/UX
Cartooning, Character Design, Illustration
IPL Holiday Promotion
Animation, Character Design, Storyboarding
Student Loan Repayment
Advertising, Animation, Storyboarding
Illustration, Character Design, Cartooning
Survive Alive Activity Booklet
Cartooning, Illustration, Writing
Cash & Carrie Backup
Cartooning, Illustration, Writing
KingVision Product Education
UI/UX, Art Direction, Interaction Design
Pitched Book Trailer
Motion Graphics, Industrial Design, Art Direction
Waffles for Virginia
Animation, Art Direction, Cartooning
Timeline of Default
Animation, eLearning, Storyboarding
Presidents of the United Space
Cartooning, Character Design, Illustration
Keep Em' Flying
Illustration, Graphic Design
The Brothers Grant
Cartooning, Character Design, Illustration
Borrower Connect
Advertising, Animation, Motion Graphics
Case Study: LifeSkills for College Students
Art Direction, UI/UX, Interaction Design
Blue Dolphin Product Education
Art Direction, Interaction Design, UI/UX
KingVision Product Video
Art Direction, Storyboarding
Treasure Hunt
Cartooning, Character Design, Illustration
Dom and Braega
Cartooning, Character Design, Illustration
IPL and Sam
Illustration, Cartooning, Character Design
Student Loan Counselor and Borrower
Animation, Cartooning, Character Design
Lilly Goes to Barcelona
Animation, Art Direction, Character Design
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